AIGA Austin AfterHours Poster Show


How It Works

Each year, we ask 40 artists to create original posters celebrating the work and causes of the selected non-profit. All the prints are sold over the course of the show with a portion of the proceeds going to the non-profit.

40 prints, 40 posters, $30 each
All posters are 18” x 24”

See posters from previous years (Link Coming Soon)

Submission and judging process

There is open call for entries judged by four top-tier designers. They’ll pick 40 artists to create an original piece of poster art around the year’s theme.

This is a blind judging process. This is especially required so that anyone can compete with anyone else on equal grounds. The blind judging process aims to remove any personal affections or biases towards designs or people. The submission guidelines and preliminary checks ensure that submitted entries are devoid of marks or text that could make the designer of a design identifiable.

2019 Afterhours Judges

Dian Holton — Senior Deputy Art Director at AARP Media and a freelance window display associate for the GAP
DJ Stout — Pentagram Principal
Christian Helms — Founder and Creative Director of Helms Workshop
Lisa Congdon — Illustrator and Author

Canvas Battle

During the Afterhours opening party, four artists are given a prompt, a 24″x 36″ canvas board, a handful of black markers, and 90 minutes to create a unique piece of art. The audience votes on the canvases and one artist is declared a winner of the Canvas Battle. Each canvas board is raffled off, with all proceeds benefiting our selected non-profit organization for the year.

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