AIGA Austin UX Small Talks argodesign: Integrated Reality – Recap & Resources

We closed the UX For New Tech arch of AIGA Small Talks last week at argodesign with an all-time record turn out. Thank you all who came out, both AIGA members and non-members alike, your curiosity and interest made this event a complete success. In this year’s arch I sought to trace a high-level overview of new and future technologies as we explored design outside of the confines of screens and traditional media.

The argodesign team took us on a journey of exploration into Integrated Realities. Showing us ways in which experiments, artificial intelligence and the MetaMe are shifting the way designers have to think about challenges. The event opened with a tour of the facilities and a showcase of some incredible interactive installations in augmented reality.

Small Talks format is guided by a conversational framework, and it has been my objective to bring value to the local Austin design community by fostering relevant conversations about the current state of the design craft.

AIGA Austin Small Talks
Mark Rolston Touring the Facilities.

Mark Rolston — CEO and Founder, began the conversation sharing argodesign’s experimental approach to discovery and exploration and how they apply a spike-oriented approach to understanding and solving future technologies’ challenges.

Afterwards, Lisa Woods — Design Lead, shared about innovative trends in the fields of robotics as a medium for art and fashion, digital avatar integration and experiential experiments involving other senses beyond visual and tactile.

Matthew Santone — Senior Designer, shared advancements in Artificial Intelligence, particularly focused in the intricacies of the computing processes involved, systems, security, and foreseeable data privacy issues.

AIGA Austin Small Talks
Lisa Woods and Matthew Santone.

To close, Jared Ficklin — Chief Creative Technologies, gave us an overview of the MetaMe, explaining the differences between the physical and digital versions of ourselves. The team at argodesign kindly collected a series of resources mentioned at the event, you can find them here.

AIGA Austin Small Talks
Book Recommendations by the Panelists.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone at argodesign, specially Andrea Lindzey and Melissa Segura for helping coordinate this event. For the next cycle starting in December, I’m toying with the idea of shifting the focus of this series, and would love to hear what your thoughts are on “UX & UI Job Titles/Hiring Process/Career Journey untanglement discussion”, “Design Ethics: We Can Build It, Should We?” or a new format of educational workshop: “… UX Software Overview”. Please reach out to me via twitter or linkedin to cast your vote and share ideas.

If you can spare a few minutes, complete this feedback form so that I can continue improving on this event’s format and provide valuable content for future events.

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Hope to see you in December!

By Jessica Tremblay
Published August 9, 2017