Vice President

The Role

The Vice President works directly with the President in maintaining the vision and direction of the Board of Directors. The Vice President assists the President in running Board meetings and preparing an agenda. The Vice President splits time with the President to be available to different committees, as needed. The Vice President also liaisons with key stakeholders, community partners, and membership, and works to maintain relationships.


  • Prepare external communications from the Board and be the “voice” of the chapter (i.e., Advisory Committee recruitment letters).
  • Collaborate with the Chapter Manager to maintain budget reports for the chapter accountant and tax returns for AIGA National.
  • Support the President in setting Chapter policies and managing Chapter operations.
    Collaborate with the Development Director on negotiating with vendors/sponsors on behalf of the chapter.
  • Be present at events in the community to promote the mission of the Chapter.
  • Collaborate with the Volunteer Chair to recruit and deploy volunteers as needed.
  • Perform or delegate specific duties agreed upon by the Executive Board and/or included in the Chapter bylaws (i.e., soliciting election nominations, assisting with the Advisory Committee).


  • Show strong organization and management skills.
  • Consistent communication among board members, AIGA members, the greater design community, other AIGA chapters, and AIGA National.
  • Be an active AIGA Member
  • Fulfill a 2 year term 
  • Propose and execute a succession plan

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By AIGA Austin