Programming Director

The Role

The Programming Director works with the Board to prepare an annual programming schedule that reflects activities consistent with AIGA’s national and local mission while meeting the needs of AIGA members. The Director(s) direct a committee that helps identify potential programs/speakers/issues of interest and is responsible for selecting an Event Chair from amongst the members of this committee. The Director(s) oversees all Chapter programming.

  • Produce an annual Chapter calendar of events, including AIGA National events; working with the Communications and Web Directors and ensure the calendar of events on the Chapter website is up to date.
  • Support the Executive Board in their role and responsibilities in delivering programming for Membership and on behalf of the Chapter.
  • Assure that the Chapter pursues its mission consistently with its goals and objectives and assuring the accountability of the organization to the interests of the Members.


  • Maintain the following in AIGA Austin’s Google Drive:
  • Event list
  • Speaker Agreements
  • Speaker Thank Yous
  • Annual Membership Party Information
  • Additional Event Information
  • Identify and coordinate themes or topics for programming and maintaining a schedule while managing a Programming Committee to produce all events.
  • Manage all items related to event planning (i.e., securing venues, coordinating event agendas and activities on day(s) of event, securing outside vendors needed for event, obtaining appropriate insurance, etc.).
  • Coordinate with the Communications Director and/or a Public Relations Director to plan and execute effective PR for each event.
  • Coordinate with Development Director to make sure sponsors are in place, happy and thanked.
    Work with Committee members to generate and submit a final event report to the Board and a blog to share with our Members who did/did not participate.
  • Filing event summaries for each event


  • Show strong organization and management skills
  • Consistent communication among board members, AIGA members, the greater design community, and other AIGA chapters
  • Be an active AIGA Member
  • Fulfill a 2 year term
  • Propose and execute a succession plan

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By AIGA Austin