Membership Director

The Role

The Membership Director grows and maintains the local membership. While cultivation of membership is a responsibility of every Board member, the Membership Director leads any recruiting/membership drive initiatives. The Membership Director serves as a liaison between members and the Board of Directors, and also stays up to date with AIGA National membership policies, payment structures, and the value of membership strategies. Being an advocate for the mission of AIGA and consistently communicating the value of membership is paramount to this role.


  • Maintain the AIGA Austin membership database. 
  • Develop a member recruitment and retention strategy based on goals for the year and leading subsequent member recruitment initiatives.
  • Be the face of membership at events and help distribute materials.
  • Create and update membership packets to welcome new members 
  • Welcome all new members with emails, packets, or other forms of communication. 
  • Stay aware of the benefits and categories of membership.
  • Stay in contact with corporate memberships.
  • Monitor Slack channels for member conversations, questions, needs, and requests. 
  • Coordinate the Annual Membership Party.


  • Show strong organization and management skills.
  • Consistent communication among board members, AIGA members, and the greater design community.
  • Be an active AIGA Member
  • Fulfill a 2 year term 
  • Propose and execute a succession plan

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