Membership Director

The Role

We’re looking for someone to oversee our membership strategy and community engagement efforts. This role is core to communicating the value of AIGA to our community. 

Job Description

AIGA is a membership-based organization and we work with the national organization on our strategy to bring in new members and retain existing ones. Membership is one of several financial inputs to the chapter and contributes directly to what we can deliver to the community. It’s important to know that we don’t believe the Membership Director only serves paying members. Everyone in our community, paying member or not, is important to the mission of AIGA. Keeping a pulse on what’s valuable to our community and supporting other board members in delivering that value is key to this role. To learn more about AIGA membership, visit our national website.

Term: 2 years
Time Commitment: 8-10 hrs/month

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By AIGA Austin