Membership Director

The Role

The Membership Director aims to maintain and grow the local membership. In essence, this is the indirect responsibility of every Board member, but the Membership Director leads any recruiting/membership drive initiatives. The Director does this primarily by maintaining tools and reports that assist with communicating to lapsing members and by creating and using tools that demonstrate the value of membership.


  • creating monthly membership reports by utilizing AIGA membership databases (available in the Chapter workroom at and recording this data on committee reports as well as in the wiki;
  • developing and implementing a member recruitment and retention strategy based on goals for the year and leading subsequent member recruitment initiatives;
  • attending events and presenting membership materials at the door, answering questions
  • creating and updating membership packets to welcome new members
  • mailing welcome packets and/or sending welcome emails new members monthly;
  • emailing reminders to members up for renewal each month;
  • emailing notice to members that failed to renew each month;
  • notifying Executive Board of board memberships that have lapsed or are about to lapse and contacting those board members;
  • maintaining awareness of the ever-changing benefits and categories of membership; be prepared for membership questions;
  • assisting programming chairs with Annual Membership Party
  • Maintain all AIGA Austin Google Drive updates
    • Membership Kit files
    • Membership Reports page
    • Membership Resources page


  • Show strong organization and management skills.
  • Consistent communication among board members, AIGA members, and the greater design community.
  • Be an active AIGA Member
  • Fulfill a 2 year term 
  • Propose and execute a succession plan

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By AIGA Austin