AIGA Austin GROW 2021


What is the GROW Mentorship Program?

The GROW Mentorship Program pairs professionals in the Austin Creative Community with groups of individuals in the community looking to grow in their professional or personal life in the same skills or knowledge.

How is the GROW Mentorship Program structured?

The GROW Mentorship Program uses a group mentoring system to pair one mentor with up to five mentees. Each mentee will have their own unique learning objectives but relationships may be formed between mentors and mentees.

How long is your mentorship program?

The program begins on September 9 and ends on December 4.

Who can participate/register for the GROW Mentorship Program?

Anyone can participate as a mentee. 

Do you have to be an AIGA member to participate in the GROW Mentorship Program?

While we do not require you to be a current member, we highly recommend that you support the Austin Creative Community by joining AIGA Austin.

How do I become a mentor/mentee?

Registration opens on August 2! Once open, you can visit where you can sign up as either a mentor or a mentee.

What is the commitment for mentors/mentees?

We ask that each mentor and mentee dedicate at least three months of their time and meet at least twice a month.

Are there any requirements to be a mentee?

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Students or those in the profession seeking to elevate their work
  • Must be one of the following:
    • A student majoring in a creative discipline
    • A new creative professional
    • A mid-career professional looking to change disciplines
    • Must have at least 3 samples of work to show
    • Must fill out an application form and be officially paired with a mentor
    • Must be willing to dedicate 2–4 hours per month to meet with mentor
    • Must be flexible and respectful of the Mentor’s time
  • Abide by Code of Conduct
  • Agree to the COVID Acknowledgement

Are there any requirements to be a mentor?

  • Active professionals–employed or retired–in the field of graphic design, communications, advertising, visual arts, user interface or user experience with 5+ years of relevant experience.
  • 5 years of relevant experience in their field
  • Must fill out an application form and be officially paired with a mentor
  • Must be willing to dedicate 2–4 hours per month to meet with mentor
  • Must be flexible and respectful of the Mentor’s time
  • Abide by Code of Conduct
  • Agree to the COVID Acknowledgement 

What guidance is provided for mentors and mentees?

  • Each Mentor and Mentee will be provided with a program guide.
  • There will be a kick-off meeting on Thursday, September 9. We encourage all participants to join this meeting as we will provide group facilitation to start the program.
  • For any further guidance, you can email the GROW Mentor Program Committee at

How will I be matched?

Mentors and Mentees apply using the interest form linked on the Mentoring Program page which goes live on August 2. The GROW Mentor Program Committee (GMPC) reviews applications to ensure a good fit for mentor groups according to the information available. After the GMPC makes the matches, we’ll send an email to first confirm our Mentors and then our Mentees.

Once I am matched, what happens next?

Get ready for our kick-off meeting on Thursday, September 9! We’ll introduce you to your mentor and get you started with the program.

What happens at the end of the six month program? Can I continue my mentorship relationship?

  • We encourage your mentor/mentee relationship to continue if you would like to do so! While we will no longer facilitate these meetings, our overall goal is to make lasting relationships within our community.
  • Be sure to complete any online surveys so we can continue to not only offer the mentorship program but to help it grow and thrive.
  • If you would like to sign-up for the next GROW Mentorship Program, you can go here.

Can I participate in the GROW Mentorship Program more than once as a mentor or a mentee?

  • Yes, both mentors and mentees can participate in the program multiple times in multiple roles. So a person can register to be a mentee more than once, and then later register as a mentor. Mentors can participate as many times as they desire. 
  • Mentees are encouraged to help others by participating as a mentor in the future. The “graduation” of mentees to mentors permits this program to continue to help other aspiring Austin Creatives.

Does it cost money to participate as a mentor/mentee?

No! We are offering this program for free to both mentors and mentees but we do ask that if you are not already an AIGA member, that you sign up to become one here.

When will I find out who my mentor/mentee(s) is(are)?

We will announce mentor groups on August 30, 2021. Keep an eye on your email!

What if I have to cancel?

We understand that life can throw us changes. If you need to cancel before the program starts, please email