AIGA Austin GROW 2021

GROW COVID Commitment

The GROW 2021 Mentorship Program is  taking every precaution to make sure participants will have a safe and fantastic experience. But we won’t be able to do this without your cooperation.

Our enhanced health and safety measures are designed to create a space where we can grow together, still build a sense of community, and make some cool stuff while we’re at it.

We are closely following CDC guidance for all things COVID-19. These items are a moving target, so we will keep attendees updated as their guidance updates.

Attendees are asked to engage in low-risk activities 5-10 days before any in-person event.

Attendees are asked to supply their own masks. Have reusable washable ones? AWESOME. Bring ‘em all! Show ‘em off.

Any in-person event venue will have places to keep your hands sanitized and washed. We ask GROWERS to maintain healthy hand washing habits throughout any events.

Are vaccines required? No, but HIGHLY recommended.


Required testing and vaccination policy – Attendees could be required to take a test 2-3 days before the event and provide proof of negative results upon arrival to the event. Whether or not proof of vaccines would be a replacement for this policy is something we are closely looking to the CDC for guidance on. More to come.