TX Strong – Hurricane Relief Pin Show!

fresh2design will be hosting its first ever pin show dedicated to hurricane relief on Thursday, Dec 7th 7-10pm and Friday, Dec 8th 7-10pm at Icosa art gallery!

We will be showcasing 25 artists who have created pins based on the theme of “Texas Strong”. Each pin will be going for $12.00! A portion of every enamel pin sold will go to our partnered non-profit Heart to Heart International.

Come join us for two nights at Icosa Art Collective to share good spirits, vibes, and giving for the holidays. We’ve got free drinks, karaoke, polaroids and MORE! Also, you can’t ignore the fact that these pins that will also make great Christmas presents! Or great decorations for your backpack! Or just..pins for your clothes! Or pins for your bathroom! Or pins for your cat! Or pins for your grandma! Or…You get the point ♥

We look forward to seeing you, and so do our lovely artists who put so much time and effort into designing these beautiful pins.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our sponsors: The Creative Group, AIGA Austin, and ICOSA.

Also, last but not least the 2017 Artists for Texas Strong Pin Show!:

Alan Defibaugh
Anna Vaught
Annie Lin
Antonia Aglialoro
Brandy Shigemoto
Channing Williford
Christine Soules
Erica Ochoa
Erin Reas
Esteban Marquez
Joe Ramirez
Kristy Okada
Little Shop of Texas
Luis Portillo
Michael Edwards
Moni Garcia
Morgan Gerber
Nina Sanchez
Rachel Kinard
Rachel Weiss
Rey Joaquin
Ryan Magsino
Sophia Sweeney
Tony (Anton) Matejek
Tony Sanchez

Can’t make it on this day? No worries! This event goes on for two whole days! LOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/141361229809892/

The event is two nights! So if you can’t make it out then you have another chance!

We chose to partner with Heart to Heart International because of their drive for delivering relief and care. More importantly, we chose them because their impact on helping those affected by hurricane Harvey extends beyond just areas in greater Houston, but to communities affected along the Texas coast as well.

To Learn More: http://www.hearttoheart.org/

If you’re still reading this you should totally share this post with all of your friends and family to help spread the word! We’re so ready to buy literally every pin, y’all we’re SO SHOOK THEY’RE SO GOOD.

Please reach out to fresh2design for any questions you may have on this event at fresh2design.atx@gmail.com.

When & Where
Fri, Dec 8, 2017 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Icosa Gallery
702 Shady Lane
Austin, TX 78702