Communications Director

The Role

The purpose of the Communications Director is to help oversee, and maintain consistency of communications across social media, email, and web. Content is provided through the Chairs and Directors that organize our events, and filtered through the Communications Director to make sure all appropriate copy points and necessary information has been covered.

  • Support the Director and Chairs in communications strategy and execution for their initiatives, programming, and events.
  • Assure that the Chapter communicates its mission clearly and consistently with its goals and objectives and assuring the accountability of the organization to the interests of the Members.
  • Serve as a liaison between the Executive Board and Individual Board Members for all communication needs.


  • Develop and maintain necessary resources to on board Chairs and Directors to execute on a content strategy so that events, programming, and narrative is shared in a meaningful and impactful way to our Members.
  • Working with the Executive Board to schedule and predict annual communications needs on a roadmap (1x/2x year).
  • Keeping in constant communications with Programming Directors and Chairs about upcoming events, including reaching out when content is due/overdue.
  • Proof and approve content so that it works across all channels
  • Distributing content in a timely manner to all responsible parties once completed.


  • Show strong organization and management skills.
  • Consistent communication among board members, AIGA members and the greater design community.
  • Be an active AIGA Member
  • Fulfill a 2 year term
  • Propose and execute a succession plan

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By AIGA Austin