Help Shape the Creative Community of Austin!

Great leaders make great organizations. You can help determine the future of AIGA Austin by nominating its leaders. Who is already leading the Austin design community in a positive direction? Could it be you? Now is the time to get those great leaders in an organization where they can have a greater impact.

The Chapter currently have the following positions open for nominations: Operations Manager, Design for Good Director, Digital Community Chair, Content Chair,, Social Media Chair, and Diversity & Inclusion Chair.

Nominations are open till September 7th. Please read below for further details on the open positions and the nomination process.


Do you know an individual that could help enhance the board’s leadership potential? Or do you yourself feel as if you could help improve AIGA Austin? Self or peer nominations are welcome for all living within Austin/Central Texas Region. Nominees need not be an AIGA member at time of nomination but would be required to hold the minimum membership status before becoming a board member.


Nominees must be an AIGA member in good standing at the Contributor level or higher, or must join the organization prior to becoming a board member.


  • Attending two-thirds of monthly board meetings
  • Participating in events
  • Fulfilling requirements as outlined in the position descriptions


Individuals serve a two year term as a director or one year as a chair, June-May.

Time Commitment

Each position requires a different amount of commitment, on average we estimate roughly 10-15 hours a month.


  • Exposure to the design community
  • Leadership training
  • Skill development
  • Opportunity to impact your local design community


Nominations will close 6:00 PM September 7th. At that time the board will review all submitted nominations for open positions. The sitting board will vote on submitted nominees to serve the next term at the next full board meeting.


Priority is given to those candidates whose interests and skill sets match currently available positions. During your 2-year or 1-year term, you may have the option to change positions, according to your interests and the needs of the board. Here are the descriptions for the following positions open for nominations:

– Operations Manager
– Design for Good Director
– Digital Community Chair
– Content Chair
– Social Media Chair
– Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager works with the Executive Board to support operations and management of the Board, make decisions regarding Chapter policy, and provide guidance for the Board of Directors and the Chapter as a whole. The Operations Manager is responsible for keeping all Board members up-to-date on pertinent information and processes.

Design for Good Director

The Design for Good (D4G) Director works with the Board and the Programming Director to support a programming schedule that reflects the values of initiatives under the Design for Good umbrella (Diversity & Inclusion, Women Lead, Design for Democracy, etc) consistent with AIGA’s national and local mission while meeting the needs of AIGA members. The Director maintains the vision and standards of diversity and inclusion for the whole chapter, ensures that our members feel safe and included at our activities, and helps identify programs/speakers/issues that reflect those values. The Director provides an additional layer of support to programs and events that embody the D4G mission, assists with knowledge and resource-sharing between these programs, and with strategies to ensure that each contributes to the overall health of the chapter and the D4G mission.

Digital Community Chair

The Digital Community Chair is responsible for maintaining community engagement via surveys, communication tools like email or Slack, and other methods of digital engagement. This can be related to member feedback, connecting members in the community, and more.

Content Chair

The Content Chair is responsible for supporting efforts that create resources for community members such as event recaps, how-to guides, podcasts, interviews, etc. They work with the Communications Director on strategy, but support members throughout the board on best practices in delivering their message.

Social Media Chair

The Social Media Chair is responsible for posting and updating all social media on (and for the Chapter. They will work with the board to post any communications regarding events, lectures, updates, and more in a timely manner. They will also be responsible, along with the Communications Director and Executive Board, to respond to any feedback received on these channels.

Diversity & Inclusion Chair

The Diversity & Inclusion Chair is responsible for supporting the Design for Good Director in D&I strategy for the community. They work to create events and/or resources that support underrepresented communities in the design profession. They also help the board as a whole be mindful of access and ensure they are considering all audiences for their efforts.


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By AIGA Austin