A Conversation with Jeromy Lund, This Year’s Maura Rose Kampa Scholarship Recipient

Tell me about your path to design…what inspired you to go to school for the design? How do you juggle parenthood, school, and work?

It never occurred to me that I was always designing even before I knew what design was. In all my general education classes I would make little illustrations to represent the lectures and use them as study tools. I did not find my path until I had taken my first graphic design class at Fullerton College in California as an elective. I took more classes at Fullerton in that field and moved back home to San Antonio where I met my wife, Cierra, and received an Associates in Communication Design from San Antonio College. Shortly after, my son, Jace Anthony Lund, was born. To get feedback about jobs I used connections I have with H.E.B. and was able to meet with their two Lead Designers both Kenny Duggan and Roland Murillo. Before the meeting I thought I knew it all; as Socrates stated, “the only thing I know is that I know nothing.” I will never forget what these designers told me; “we can take this meeting one of two ways we can tell you how great everything is or we can tear it apart and you can learn something.” I responded let’s tear it apart, let’s just say I learned a much needed lesson. Rolando Murillo is how I came to hear about Texas State University. He gave me a list of Alumni to contact as well as a list of designers to study. David Kampa was top of the list! They play a huge part on receiving this scholarship and make me the designer I am today.

Being a parent, a husband, a student and a provider is a lot to take on, however it isn’t a choice, it is what has to be done. I want to be great in each of these and aspire to hit them everyday. My wife and I are both in school to follow our dreams, she to be a teacher and me to be a designer. I juggle life by working hard to be an example to my son and soon to be daughter; that it can be done as long as you want it bad enough. I wake up early every morning and devote time to design that way when family gets up I am all theirs. Through communication my wife and I are able to make time for each other whether it be school, family time or time to get everything done. We are expecting our baby girl, Kirra Hope Lund, to be born any day now. This will not slow us down, it is in fact our fuel; we are committed to our goals and our family. Nothing can stop us.

Who inspires you, and why?

Inspiration for me comes from my professors at Texas State, students, Lead designers I have had the pleasure to meet as well as many of the mainstream designers we are all familiar with. I personally have been Inspired by Kenny Duggan, Roland Murillo, and David Kampa; all great designers whose work sets the bar of how design should be done. Their work can inspire us all, but what truly inspired me was meeting each of these designers who shared their unique perspective and their definition of what it means to be a designer.

What does receiving the Maura Rose Kampa scholarship mean to you?

It means that my hard work and dedication are starting to pay off. Receiving the Maura Rose Kampa scholarship is one of my greatest accomplishments. I have a great opportunity here to learn from the best. The scholarship money granted is also a great help. However the mentorship is priceless! If just meeting with designers from the industry has transformed me to a better designer, I can’t wait to see what a year will do under David Kampa.

What does the word “design” mean to you?

Design gives the ordinary world that we live in the essence of life. Without design the world would be gray and dull as well as the people in it. Design gives personality and meaning to everything, it is everywhere, don’t take it for granted.

By Jessica Tremblay
Published August 3, 2017