Oen Hammonds
I'm a part of AIGA because I enjoy giving back to the creative community whether it's mentoring or sharing my knowledge to help others.
Russell Toynes
Vice President
Erica Fos
AIGA enables me to collaborate with other creatives that speak my language and to keep up with ever-evolving design trends and platforms. AIGA leadership gives me endless opportunities for personal and professional growth, and empowers me to make my community even better.
David Smith
Chapter Manager
I'm part of AIGA because I want to be an active member of the design community, practitioner, educator, advocate, and mentor.
Taylor Bingham
Volunteer Director
I want to help others in the design community make connections and grow professionally. I'd like to then aid those connections by developing projects that benefit the community as whole.
Randall J Gregory II
Membership Director
AIGA has helped propel my career and given me a community of mentors, friends, and collaborators. By being in AIGA Austin, I hope to inspire others with my enthusiasm and experiences, along with bringing the voice of the membership to the rest of the board, helped to drive a more deeply connected community.
Bart Kibbe
Programming Co-Director
Cat Fincun
Programming Co-Director
I originally became part of AIGA to leverage the network of designers, since joining I now can say I stay an AIGA member because it has become my family. The support and camaraderie amongst the group is what brings me back time and time again.
Jessica Tremblay
Technology Director
AIGA Austin is full of people that are inspired to make a difference and help shape the Austin Design community. Being a part time developer, I want to use my skillset to help the chapter in any way that I can and help better bridge that gap between design and development.
Amber Atkins
Co-Director of Education and Mentorship
Hal Riley
Co-Director of Education and Mentorship
Paul Del Bosque
Design Ranch Director
I'm a member of AIGA Austin because I'm proud of our profession and I'm proud to be a Texan. There's no better place to be a creative person than right here in Austin.
Renee Diaz
Development Co-Director
Sam Elizondo
Development Co-Director
Maranda Bodas
Communications Director
I'm part of AIGA because I believe in the power of design to tell compelling stories of individuals and communities. I also recognize the importance of elevating and empowering designers to do their best work, push boundaries, and make a difference.
Dario Fidanza
Small Talks Chair
I'm part of AIGA to evolve the conversations around Graphic Design and UX, as well as fostering community, inclusivity, and connect with other likeminded individuals. In the future I would like to create ways for designers to collaborate and develop opportunities to propel careers and make an impact in our city.
Brianna Penney
Changemakers Chair
Crystal Glover
Maura Rose Kampa Scholarship Chair
I believe I can make my community better through design, and my community can make me a better designer.
Art Thompson, Jr.
Email Chair
I joined the AIGA board to be a part of the design community, to learn and grow, and to connect with other design professionals in Austin & beyond. Like many creatives, I'm constantly seeking avenues to use my design powers for good. AIGA Austin provides that opportunity.
Ryan Swedenborg
After Hours Chair
Jess Moss
Creative Mass Chair
Ben Humphreys
Student Group Development Chair
Noelle Hoffman
Social Media Chair
I'm looking forward to working with other designers who live here in Austin. This is a great opportunity for me to meet like-minded people and make connections. AIGA is where the designers play and I'm excited to apart of it.
Carlos Menchaca
Board Explorer
Mason Polka
Board Explorer
Jared Rogers
Board Explorer
James Taylor
Board Explorers
Peter Perceval
Board Explorer
Daphna Sebbane
Board Explorer
Colton Branscum
Board Explorer